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Presentations on QoS and UPQ from the CERN era

Saturday, February 7th, 2009
  • M. Ciobotaru, M.Ivanovici, R. Beuran, S. Stancu “Versatile FPGA-based Hardware Platform for Gigabit Ethernet Applications” , 6th Annual Postgraduate Symposium, Liverpool, UK, June 27-28, 2005 [pdf, 1.0 MB]
  • R. Beuran, M.Ivanovici “FPGA-based Network Emulator – Project Overview” , March 2004 [ppt, 417 kB]
  • R. Beuran, M.Ivanovici “Advanced Research in QoS and UPQ Assessment” , March 2004 [ppt, 543 kB]
  • S. Stancu, M. Ivanovici, M.L. Maia, B. Dobinson, K. Korcyl, A. Waananen, B. Caron “Real-Time ATLAS data farms” , DataTAG meeting, CERN, Geneva, Switzerland, July 2003 [ppt, 113 kB]
  • M. Ivanovici, C. Meirosu, R. Beuran, M.L. Maia, B. Dobinson, K. Korcyl “Long-Haul QoS Measurements between CERN and Cracow” , DataTAG meeting, CERN, Geneva, Switzerland, February 2003 [pdf, 193 kB]

The slides are available for download

Sunday, January 18th, 2009

The slides of the presentations from the event of last week are now available for download. Check the corresponding posts or right here…

Towards a Supervised Segmentation

Monday, December 15th, 2008

Talk given during the “Journees PPF” on 4th of June, 2008, in Limoges, France. [PDF]